8 Freelancing Sites For Marketing Your Skills

Iniobong Udoh

1 year ago

For many people, getting a digital/technical skill isn’t always the big concern, but how and where to market these skills is, so this is why Freelancing sites exist to help connect creatives with prospective clients who need their services.

Freelancing offers a lot of freedom and flexibility that a regular desk job doesn’t. As a freelancer, you’re no longer working to fit into a company culture or work schedule that might put you under physical, mental and emotional stress.




  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Toptal
  4. Guru
  5. Freelancer
  6. People Per Hour
  7. 99designs
  8. iFreelance

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1. Fiverr: Here, freelancers get to post what they can offer and clients can search and order for them. Fiverr accounts can be created for free with nothing more than your Google or Facebook account.

After creating your Fiverr account, you are ready to offer your services for sale. Almost all types of services you can be sold here. You have to make the package of your service that you want to sell and the name of this package is called Gig, the minimum  amount that you can set as the price for your service(s) on Fiverr is $5 and the main benefit of Fiverr is that there is a marketplace for every skill no matter how small it looks.

Join  Fiverr

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2. Upwork: Are you searching for a place that is flexible and one where you can gain a collaborative space and you are offered tools to kick-start your freelance journey and also be able to work for many famous clients such as MicrosoftAirbnbDropbox, etc? Then Upwork should be your go-to-place

 Join  Upwork


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      3. Toptal: This is an amazing freelance website which connects international companies with professional freelancers, being accepted into Toptal may not be so easy, but it is such a great experience if accepted and you can be one of them if you work hard enough in building your skills.

Join Toptal



4. Guru: This is a freelance platform where independent professionals get to collaborate with employers around the world.It is the best freelance website for businesses that want to deal with a proven vendor that’s been around a while. Due to it being the first freelancer website, many freelancers and businesses are fiercely loyal to Guru.

Freelancers in search of lucrative jobs in designing, writing, tech, marketing, and other fields can sign up here

Join  Guru



5. Freelancer: This is a freelance platform is used by over 25 million users and it is a  platform is used by talents from all over the world, making it easier for businesses to easily find freelancers from any part of the world.

Unlike most freelancing sites, Freelancer allows freelancers to contest with each other to prove their skills and these competitions helps showcases the abilities of freelancers and attract clients to them. So if you love competition, this is the best spot for you, go show your expertise

Join  Freelancer


6. People Per Hour: There are over 1.5 million freelancers using People Per Hour service and there is a rating for each freelancer on this platform and this rating helps to promote these freelancers.

The usage of People Per Hour platform is free for freelancers, but the competition can be very challenging, so to attract a lot of clients and be hired, you should always improve and set a reasonable fee.

Join  People Per Hour.

7. 99Designs: This freelance platform focuses on designer jobs. Here clients can start a contest that everyone in 99Designs can participate in to showcase their expertise and the clients would select the best freelancers they deem fit for their job.This is a great way for designers to gain visibility and build their portfolio.

Join 99Designs



8. IFREELANCE: This is a freelancing platform where freelancers can keep 100% of their earnings without any percentage being deducted by the platform, unlike most of the other platforms whose fees and rates vary. So if you are in search of a freelancing platform where you can sell your skill and get 100% returns for it, then you should consider ifreelance


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