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Uduak Udoh
I’ve had an amazing time learning from the techskill hack. I started out on this journey with a little knowledge on Excel but so far we have been thought on data cleaning and other functions that can be performed on Excel and it marvels me to realize the simple steps to get a clean data. You too can be a part of this journey at the techskill hack. You will definitely enjoy your time here.
Jwan Panshak Dampak
I want to sincerely appreciate Tech Skills Hack for this great opportunity to learn. I have gain alot if experience and can navigate excel even though am still practicing. Going through the video again and again while practicing I believe by next month I should be able to train a beginner too. Thank you so very much Miriam you’re a great teacher very calm. Some of My challenges include network issues and lack of power. Sometimes my system goes off no light and I won’t be able to follow the teacher with my sheet. Thank you so much and congratulations to us.
Charles Paul
Embarking on the no-code bootcamp was a transformative experience.The comprehensive curriculum provided a solid foundation for understanding various no-code platforms, and the hands-on projects allowed me to apply what I learned in a practical way.The instructors were not just experts but also fantastic mentors, providing clear insights into complex concepts.I wholeheartedly recommend this bootcamp for those seeking an accessible entry into the exciting realm of tech innovation.
Onyx Vince
My decision to upskill in the tech world was a bit daunting at first, as I tirelessly search for a platform that would be willing to hold my hands and usher me into this wonderful opportunity. Through personal discovery and recommendations, I settled for the Tech Skills Hack, a social enterprise dedicated to promoting self sustainability through digital skills. Their 6 Weeks Bootcamp was a journey I embarked on with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, and what I encountered exceeded my expectations. From well structured curriculum, to expert guidance; their commitment was top notch. As we meticulously cover essential topics, each session was led by very patient and value-driven teams who held nothing back in ensuring that we get the best, from explanations, engaging activities, to personalized feedbacks. All these were instrumental to my tech progress so far. We were introduced to Excel, Tableau, Python, and SQL fundamentals. We were also exposed to detailed real-world data problems, where the relevance of the skills acquired were put into practice. I wholeheartedly recommend the TechSkillsHack Bootcamp to anyone seeking to embark on a rewarding tech journey.
Chioma Hannah Markins
Joining the class is the best gift I have gifted myself this year. So far, the class has helped understand the rudiments of EXCEL. Thanks coach Miriam, Ini, and an amazing personality, Mr Adediji Wasiu for taking his time to tutor me. Una see this class, I must confess its simplified.
Elijah Abumere
This is actually the best bootcamp I’ve attended, both online and offline. The courses outlines are well broken down, and with the style of teaching, it’s very easy to understand, even to a complete newbie. Also, the swift response to questions and issues encountered while trying to get things done is also very commendable I must say. It sometimes looks like we paid for a one on one session. I also highly commend our tutors so far. I Don’t think there’s any other person that can do what they do better than them. They’ve been amazingly patient, tolerant, understanding, vast and are very diligent in passing down knowledge to us. The group admins are really amazing too. They are prompt and always active. I really want to appreciate the founder, Iniobong Udoh for this bootcamp. Its the BEST so far.
Alaribe Obinna Victor
Learning Data Analytics from Tech Skill Hack is the best thing I did for myself within the first quarter of 2024. On a scale of 1 – 10, I rate them 10.1. Thank you TSH team.
Precious Amadi-Okere
I had a session with Iniobong Udoh on Tech Clarity and upskilling. It was an hour session and I got all my answers in 30 mins. She knows her onions and is so warm with her responses and counsel and gave me a roadmap on how to procced with my tech journey.
tech skills hack bootcamp testimonial
Adama Faizat
My experience with Tech Skill Hack data analysis learning platform has been phenomenal. The lessons are engaging and well-structured, making it easy to grasp complex concepts. The instructors are accessible, ensuring that students receive personalized support. As someone looking forward to navigate into Tech Law, this platform has helped me a lot. Thank you for providing such an excellent learning experience.
Tech skills hack bootcamp review
Onuchukwu Jonadab
Enrolling to learn Data Analytics with Tech Skills Hack academy has been on of the best decisions I made in recent times Before now, I have been just the regular computer user but I needed to upgrade my tech knowledge and skills. I have been searching for an academy to enroll under and the perfect skill to learn too till I came across the Boot camp advert of Tech skills Hack for Data analytics on Facebook. I went through everything and registered them then waited for our classes to start Wow, we started and all I can say is that the academy is really top notch with the value the tutors are dishing out. From scratch we started learning how to work with Excel, Power bi, python and other analytics tools. It has been overwhelming how our tutors explain everything to make sure we learn and become the best. Right now I can easily work on some data analysis projects which I couldn’t do before and I know with time, practice and the coaching of the academy I will keep improving and getting better We also have our community where we get help easily. I would boldly recommend Tech Skills Hack academy for anyone because they are really good
tech skills hack bootcamp review
Honestly, I’ve attended so many virtual classes but I must say that this is the best of them all.The tutors are amazing,the organizers are topnotch. Thanks so much for exposing me to my dream career. I love Tech Skills Hack❤️
Francis Ikuerowo
It was an amazing class! I love it!! This is the best class I’ve ever had on data science for beginners. I look forward to more amazing classes! Thank you very much!
tech skills hack web design bootcamp review
It has been amazing training right from day one, I never believe that we can pay less to get big value. Even when I was told the price, I was skeptical if is achievable with the small amount we paid. Kudos to our own Iniobong, Darlington and Ebube for impacting TECH knowledge in us


Iniobong Udoh

Iniobong Udoh is a Google-certified Android Developer, User Experience (UX) expert, Digital skills advocate and Tech-Clarity Coach, One Young World Ambassador, and founder of Tech Skills Hack, a social enterprise that is helping unemployed Nigerian youths gain valuable tech skills that enhance their employability.


Mimi Werma

Mimi Werma is a teacher and community literacy expert who is passionate about helping learners on Coursera get financial aids and access the right courses on Coursera.

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