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Are you eager to learn new skills, advance your career and make more money, but can’t because of financial constraints? Tech Skills Hack is here to assist you!

Precious Amadi-Okere
I had a session with Iniobong Udoh on Tech Clarity and upskilling. It was an hour session and I got all my answers in 30 mins. She knows her onions and is so warm with her responses and counsel and gave me a roadmap on how to procced with my tech journey.
Praise Elechi
Tech Skills Hack is the sort of platforms we need in Nigeria. Today’s class on SEO optimization was very impactful and I’m sure it’s going to have a lasting impact in my everyday living.
DPriezt Ety-Christo
Tech Skills Hack is a team of high standard and amiable personalities. I love their passion to make others tech savvy and well equipped for the future. They are the best to collaborate with.
Aisha Aina
Anyone still confused on how to enter the Tech ecosystem should book a clarity session to save time and energy instead of “try and error”. I recommend Tech Skills Hack anytime.
Francis Ikuerowo
It was an amazing class! I love it!! This is the best class I’ve ever had on data science for beginners. I look forward to more amazing classes! Thank you very much!
Shulammite Babasola
You guys are the best! I admire and really appreciate your patience, willingness to impact knowledge into us, your humility, your love and passion for what you do.


Iniobong Udoh

Iniobong Udoh is a Google-certified Android Developer, User Experience (UX) expert, Digital skills advocate and Tech-Clarity Coach, One Young World Ambassador, and founder of Tech Skills Hack, a social enterprise that is helping unemployed Nigerian youths gain valuable tech skills that enhance their employability.


Mimi Werma

Mimi Werma is a teacher and community literacy expert who is passionate about helping learners on Coursera get financial aids and access the right courses on Coursera.

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We are excited to announce our Coursera Aid training program...

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You will have access to over 4,000 courses in various fields such as Web development, Data Science, AI/Machine Learning, data science, business, and personal development through this training.

Our trainer will walk you through the Coursera Aid application process, ensuring that you get the education you need to succeed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your skills and reach your career goals. Sign up for Coursera Aid training by Tech Skills Hack today and invest in your future!

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