Coding for Beginners: An Easy Introduction


In this guided project you will gain hands-on experience exploring an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), creating a Python program using the IDE, and writing and running code in several languages. You will learn how to display a phrase in multiple languages including C, Java, Go, Python, Node JS, Ruby, PHP, PERL, Bash, C++, and HTML

Python Core

Learn Python, one of today’s most in-demand programming languages on-the-go! Practice writing Python code, collect points, & show off your skills now!

Python for Beginners

Python is a popular, easy-to-learn, and very powerful programming language, which is used in software and web development, data science, machine learning, and many other fields. In this course, we’ll cover the basic concepts of Python, as well as build real-life projects and solve different coding challenges. Python for Beginners requires no prior programming experience, […]

Introduction to Open Source

Open Source

Open source software is open to distribution and modification by anyone in the world – that could be you! Open source projects are not only a way to contribute to the free technology movement, but also a great way to experiment with new languages and frameworks in a welcoming community. The open source community has created […]

Coding Interview Prep

coding interview prep

If you’re looking for free coding exercises to prepare for your next job interview, we’ve got you covered. This section contains hundreds of coding challenges that test your knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and mathematics. It also has a number of take-home projects you can use to strengthen your skills, or add to your portfolio.

Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning

Machine learning has many practical applications that you can use in your projects or on the job. In the Machine Learning with Python Certification, you’ll use the TensorFlow framework to build several neural networks and explore more advanced techniques like natural language processing and reinforcement learning. You’ll also dive into neural networks, and learn the […]

Back End Development and APIs

Back End Development and APIs

Until this point, you’ve only used JavaScript on the front end to add interactivity to a page, solve algorithm challenges, or build an SPA. But JavaScript can also be used on the back end, or server, to build entire web applications. Today, one of the popular ways to build applications is through microservices, which are […]

Relational Database

For these courses, you will use real developer tools and software including VS Code, PostgreSQL, and the Linux / Unix command line to complete interactive tutorials and build projects. These courses start off with basic Bash commands. Using the terminal, you will learn everything from navigating and manipulating a file system, scripting in Bash, all […]

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data is all around us, but it doesn’t mean much without shape or context. In the Data Visualization Certification, you’ll build charts, graphs, and maps to present different types of data with the D3.js library. You’ll also learn about JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), and how to work with data online using an API (Application Programming […]

Front End Development Libraries

In the Front End Development Libraries Certification, you’ll learn how to style your site quickly with Bootstrap. You’ll also learn how to add logic to your CSS styles and extend them with Sass. In this course, you’ll build a shopping cart and other applications to learn how to create powerful Single Page Applications (SPAs) with […]

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

While HTML and CSS control the content and styling of a page, JavaScript is used to make it interactive. In the JavaScript Algorithm and Data Structures Certification, you’ll learn the fundamentals of JavaScript including variables, arrays, objects, loops, and functions. Once you have the fundamentals down, you’ll apply that knowledge by creating algorithms to manipulate […]

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

In this Responsive Web Design Certification, you’ll learn the languages that developers use to build webpages: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for content, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for design. First, you’ll build a cat photo app to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Later, you’ll learn modern techniques like CSS variables by building a […]

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