How to Choose The Right Digital Skill

Iniobong Udoh

2 years ago

Daily as the world evolves digitally, new digital skills are being introduced and existing tools are being updated to aid this evolution and there is a high demand for people with in-demand digital skills and so is there a rush by many to acquire these skills, but as a digital skills advocate and trainer, I have noticed that for a lot of people, choosing the right digital skill isn’t as easy as it sounds considering the factors that come to play when prospective digital skills learners need to consider what digital skill is the best fit for them.


  • Are you confused about what digital skill[s] to acquire that will sync with your career path?
  • Are you stuck on a career path that doesn’t match your expectations and you’re thinking of a new career path?
  • Are you a digital skills sucker/enthusiast on a path to adding a new digital skill to your list of acquired skills, but you’re caught in the web of the many digital skills that exist?

Then look no further, this article would help cure your curiosity, give insight and help clear your doubts about choosing the right digital skill and help design your career path while providing a comfortable lifestyle

1. Research:

There are a lot of digital skills available and with the dynamic nature of these skills, you should research on what digital skill[s] you will need to advance your profession, provide you with that comfortable life you yearn for and what digital skill is still relevant and up-to-date so that you don’t have to waste your time and finances acquiring a skill that won’t be beneficial to you.

The internet is your best friend while researching, so make great use of it.

2. Make a List:

The next step after researching, is to make a list of valuable skills that applies to your profession or thrills you, and it should be in a hierarchy of importance, this would help you choose the digital skill that tops your list and start from there.

3. Compare And Contrast The Importance of The Listed Skills to Your Profession:

Every profession has one or more digital skills that it requires to get the work done smartly and with ease, so research on the needed software or tool, make a list of the valuable tools that you will want to gain proficient knowledge of their usage and gain a skill on the usage of those tools.

4. Get a Mentor:

Now that you’ve prioritized the skill[s] that would help you achieve your goal[s], you need a mentor to guide you through your learning process, because acquiring a new digital skills most time is one that you need a professional to put you through, so having someone to guide you through this new chosen path is very important and these people necessarily don’t have to be older than you, they just have to be experts in the skill[s] you want to learn.

5. Be Consistent And Committed:

Consistency and commitment are very vital in learning and earning a digital skill, so have in mind that these two virtues would need to be activated for you to achieve your goal of earning a digital skill.

Now that you’ve known the steps to take before choosing that skill, it is time to get started with learning and earning that new digital skills, I promise earning a digital skill would be one of the best gifts you’ll gift yourself in 2020.

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Written By:

Iniobong Udoh

Founder, Tech Skills Hack, Google certified Android developer, Tech Clarity Coach, Technical Writer and a seeker of undiluted knowledge.
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