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Iniobong Udoh

9 months ago

Mike Asukwo is a celebrated satirist who honed his craft at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology where he studied Fine Art and majored in sculpture.

He is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked across diverse media including wood, metal, oil , pen and ink.
He is currently the head of Graphics Desk at BusinessDay Media Ltd where he uses his skill as a pictorial story teller to offer insightful commentaries on Nigeria’s political and socio-economic experience.


This Saturday by 10am, we would be hosting Mike Asukwo at our learning community, Tech Skills Hack, where he would be speaking on the topic, “The trick of picking a unique perspective in storytelling”


The skill of storytelling is one that everyone should have, no matter the profession, so to be a part of this session and learn from an renowned expert, register here.


This session is FREE.

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Written By:

Iniobong Udoh

Founder, Tech Skills Hack, Google certified Android developer, Tech Clarity Coach, Technical Writer and a seeker of undiluted knowledge.
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