The Best 25 Websites For Learning And Earning New Skills

Iniobong Udoh

1 year ago

Are you searching for a place to acquire an in-demand skill for free or at an affordable cost at your own pace and without leaving your house? Are you looking at switching careers and in need of the right course to actualize this with ease?  Then look no further, online courses got you covered.

Online learning has completely changed the way we learn. Daily, MOOCs websites empower millions of people around the world with in-demand skills and has helped many create meaningful changes in their lives.

In this article, I have compiled 25 best MOOCs or online learning sites that would give you the best learning experience that you deserve.

  1. Udacity
  2. Coursera
  3. Khan Academy
  4. Udemy
  5. Lynda
  6. Alison
  7. Pluralsight
  8. Google Digital Skills For Africa
  9. Linkedin Learning
  10. edX
  11. Iversity
  12. MIT’s OpenCourseWare
  13. Skillshare
  14. Codecademy
  15. Freecodecamp
  16. Class Central
  17. Sololearn
  18. Futurelearn
  19. Treehouse
  20. OpenClassrooms
  21. Edureka
  22. Simplilearn
  23. Datacamp
  24. W3School
  25. TedEd



Udacity  focuses on software development courses, it offers free and paid courses in data science, programming and development, Business, cloud computing, Career, and autonomous system. Udacity also offers a nanodegree program for people looking at starting a full-time career in tech.

Coursera: Subscribing to Coursera gives you the opportunity to choose from 2,700+ online courses. Some of these courses are backed by universities and can award degrees to online learners, while others are free and give learners mastery of their chosen skill.

Khan Academy:

This is a free online learning platform that offers free online classes where students get to learn STEM centered subjects at their own pace. Khan Academy produces short lessons in the form of videos. Its website also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educator.


Udemy gives you options with over 295 million course enrollments and it has 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. What more is beautiful and encouraging than inclusion?


Subscribing to Lynda gives you access to thousands of courses in business, design, art, education, and tech and with Lynda, you can get to use a free 10-day trial courses on its platform.


Alison focuses mostly on workplace-based skills and has a large range of free, comprehensive classes on financial literacy, personal and soft skills, digital skills, entrepreneurship.  It has 11 million registered learners, 1.5+ million graduates, and 1,000+ courses available for free access.


Pluralsight offers a variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals through its website. When subscribing to Pluralsight or using a free trial mode, you’ll be able to explore classes in software, 3D development, design, web design, game design, VFX and CAD software.

Google Digital Skills For Africa:

Digital Skills For Africa is a Google initiative in conjunction with various training partners, it aims to train 1 million young Africans in digital skills.

Linkedin Learning:

Here you are offered personalized learning experiences, courses taught by real-world professionals and on Linkedin Learning, you are allowed a 1 month free trial period of learning.


edX offers you the chance to take university classes in various departments from renowned universities Harvard, Berkeley, Dartmouth, Georgetown, and the University of Chicago and get certified.


Iversity  is an online learning platform for higher education and professional development, has 600.000+ users and is available in  English LanguageGerman languageRussian Language

MIT’s OpenCourseWare:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare gives you free access to many learning materials to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, you won’t get a degree, but you will gain priceless knowledge for free.


Skillshare provides classes to learners who only have 15 minutes a day. It has over 500 free classes and several thousand premium classes to choose from in topics such as film, writing, tech, lifestyle, and more.


Codecademy wants to teach you how to code—and for free. It covers various programming languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Python.


This is a non-profit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform, an online community forum, chat rooms, coding interview preparation tests, online publications, and local organizations that intend to make learning web development accessible to anyone and they have 5000+ courses with free certifications. Freecodecamp courses range from Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, Front End Libraries, Data Visualization, APIs and Microservices, Information Security and Quality Assurance

Class Central:

In Class Central, you get to learn from the best, discover thousands of free online courses from top universities around the world like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard.


SoloLearn is the largest community of mobile coders in the world. They have created a unique coding platform designed specifically for mobile phones and tablets. Sololearn unique content, interactive checkpoints, and real-life practice sessions help to master the skill of your choice.


FutureLearn is an online platform that offers online courses from top universities and institutions around the world. Currently, it has more than 160 partners including many top UK universities and they also have courses from Non-university partners like Amnesty International, British Council, and UNESCO. FutureLearn has a database of over 10 million learners and has an active catalog of around 880 online courses.


This is an online technology school that offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, mobile development and game development taught by a team of expert teachers


OpenClassrooms is an online education platform for vocational training, providing courses in IT, technology, entrepreneurship, and digital skills. Courses are conducted fully online, through a mix of video resources, online reading, real-life projects, and individual mentoring session.


Edureka is an interactive online learning platform. It offers live, instructor-led courses that cater mainly to working professionals who want to enhance their skills.


Simplilearn is an online learning platform that offers over 400 courses in the area of IT, programming, digital marketing, and project management.


DataCamp is a time-flexible, online data science learning platform offering tutorials and courses in data science. In addition to tutorials, there are also coding challenges. DataCamp focuses on the technology R, used for Big Data, data visualization, and programming with R.


W3Schools is an educational website for learning web technologies online. Content includes tutorials and references relating to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, Python, AngularJS, React.js, SQL, Bootstrap, Sass, Node.js, jQuery, XQuery, AJAX, XML, Raspberry Pi, C++, C# and Java.


TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative. TED-Ed’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world.  It has a growing library of original animated videos, to providing an international platform for teachers to create their interactive lessons, it has a global network of 250,000 teachers. TED-Ed is an award-winning education platform that serves millions of teachers and students around the world every week.

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Iniobong Udoh

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