5 ways Computer Assisted Learning has changed the Education Sphere and How to Utilize it for FREE

Ucha Emmanuel

1 year ago

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5 ways Computer Assisted Learning has changed the Education Sphere and How to Utilize it.

In the space of two years, the high school where my mom teaches in went from “standing all day in different classrooms giving oral lectures, writing notes on the board and using paper books to write their lesson plans” to doing all of that with their laptop computers – which relieved them of the huge workload.

Lectures were now prepared using PowerPoint slides, notes where being typed and sent to the students as Doc files or PDFs. This ensured that the teachers could do just everything they could have done in the classroom from the comfort of their corners and the students can also submit their assignments without going to the teacher’s desk.

In 2020, the COVID19 pandemic struck and the physical school environment was deserted – that didn’t slow down the learning pace. Zoom conference meetings became popular and the school incorporated that. The teacher can now teach, interact with and give assignments to his/her students over the internet.

The pandemic inadvertently skyrocketed the sensitization of online education/Computer Assisted Learning which presents myriads of opportunities.

Computer Assisted Learning (or CAL) is a term that encompasses a lot of ideas and technologies but can be understood in its simplicity. It’s simply the use of electronic devices/computers to provide educational instruction and to learn.

Computer Assisted Learning has aged well. It’s advanced over the years dating back to the 20th century when classes were recorded and students used CDs and MP3 players to learn.

Now, in a much more advanced technological era, one can study at the prestigious Harvard University without travelling miles to get there – unlike Tayo in the novel “In dependence” that spent months on sea to get to Oxford from Nigeria.

Wondering how we get to evade the cost and time to study at the University of our Dreams? That’s where Computer Assisted Learning comes in.

Computer Assisted Learning includes online courses, course materials used in schools and distance learning. Basically, any technological material that aids learning can be grouped together under the umbrella of Computer Assisted Learning.

The beauty of this is its dynamic nature. It can be implemented in every type of learning environment – from kindergarten all the way to degree seeking students.  It also enhances personalized learning.

5 ways Computer Assisted Learning has changed the education system according to SeattlePi:

  1. Learning Tools: Computers, as learning tools, provide students another way to learn information. Stanford University introduced computer assisted instruction in mathematics in 1963, offering individualized learning and allowing the students to take self-paced, active roles in drill-and-practice. Molnar asserts that the personal computer became a ubiquitous tool for higher education by the end of the 1970s. In modern classrooms, high speed computers alter how teachers and students represent and manipulate information.
  2. Distance Learning: Remember my reference to the character, Tayo in this article? In modern settings, distance learning provides students the flexibility of choosing times and locations to attend class and to study at their convenience. Students complete assignments, use discussion boards, view online videos through the internet rather than in a classroom.
  3. Communication: Computers provide teachers and students the means to communicate online via chat boxes or emails.
  4. Grade Monitoring: Studying online gives one a better and more efficient ways to check their grades and performances and can easily use analytical skills to know where and how they can perform better.
  5. Creativity and Flexibility: Online learning is more popular among working adults because they can’t take traditional classes, especially with kids at home. According to Colorado Christian University, working students now have a better success with internet education because they prefer to work independently with a combination of auditory, visual and hands-on activities.

Tech Skills Hack is one of the platforms that gives the premium taste of Computer Assisted Learning and this platform gives you the opportunity to learn Tech skills from the best institutions in the world.

The future, which is even nearer than we could ever think of will witnessed a whole lot of amazing people that didn’t have to change their demographic locations because they want to study – these amazing humans will also be on the radar of top employers who by then, fully recognizes the importance of online certifications.

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