Switching Careers into Tech

Geraldine Chiamaka

2 years ago

Switching careers is one of the most life-changing activities that takes a lot of mental work and action.

It can be a nightmare, and to some, it can be a smooth transition that will be a defining moment of their lives.

Many factors can influence your decision to pursue a career in technology. It might be one of the following:

  • You are unhappy, bored, or frustrated with your current job.
  • You want explore new things.
  • You have limited opportunities with your current job.
  • You have a feeling you’re about to get laid off, and you want to prepare.
  • You want a whole different job with a higher salary and more benefits.
  • You’re already disconnected from your job.
  • You simply want to be a part of the tech buzz.


The adrenaline is pumping. You know it’s time to make this change. You are seeing beautiful things happen in tech. Oh! How about the earning figures, projects, and world recognition? Your eyes are fixated on this, and you think that this might just be a game-changing switch for you.

Before changing careers, make sure you understand what you’re getting into and what you want for yourself. Take enough time to think it through. Do not do it under duress or because you believe it is the only option. If you do, you might be like a headless chicken running away from the butcher’s table. Every headless chicken eventually dies and gets eaten!

Here is what you have to do before you make that switch:

Create a plan and set some real goals.

Remember, you don’t just quit a job that’s footing your bills at the moment for another career that doesn’t seem very clear to you.

The first thing you need to do is create a plan.

Don’t just give up and use the phrase “I don’t know what to do” as a justification for continuing to be miserable in your job for the rest of your life for not making that switch. You, like everyone else, can create a list. You must write that plan and space it out over a period of six to twelve months.

Just focus on one tiny task per day if you are working a full-time job in addition to doing this.

For instance, one item on your to-do list could be to contact a data analyst you are following on Twitter or any other social media platform to schedule a meeting to talk about how he got into his line of work. If they charge for meeting them, pay.

Keep your goals clear, write them on sticky notes, and paste them above your work space at home. This will serve as a reminder of your overall goals and the reason behind your actions. Your goals ought to be well-defined, timed, and written down. Use the SMART technique.

Gain Clarity 

Clarity is important. You have to know what you want and define where you want to be. The secret to changing your life’s course and achieving anything you’ve ever dreamed of is clarity. It’s like a compass; without it, you are mindlessly going through the motions and trailing the crowd without having any real purpose. This is why you have to take a clarity quiz.

Understand the tech industry

Nobody tests the depth of the river with both legs. You can learn about the tech industry while at your current job. Study it and see where you can fit in. You must become acquainted with the niches and become familiar with the field’s terminologies in order to flow with it.

This will help you know the path to take. You can also search for tech leaders across your social media industry and follow them. Read their content, engage, and ask questions where you don’t understand. This will go a long way in helping you decide which career path to take in tech.

Learning tech skills.

Identify your skills and skills you can easily learn.

It always feels better when you take on a role that corresponds with your current job because the skills you already have can be put to use. Take your time to research your chosen tech niche, and find out which of your existing skills and strengths go with it.

These typically include soft skills and hard skills. If new skills are required, you can take an online course on any new skill that can be added to your tech career. You can learn how to develop and gain mastery of a new digital skill for your new tech role online from any online course platform like Udemy, Cousera, etc.

Even when you’re confused about how to choose the right digital skill, you can always study the niche you’ve chosen and do research on the right new skills to learn.

Read more: The best 25 websites for learning new skills.

Start your application for entry-level positions or internships.

Switching careers may require you to start at a lower level or salary than you had previously, or you may not be paid at all as an intern. Relax, don’t panic. This is why you need that six- to one-year timeframe to enable you to plan and save up. Before you transition into a full-time remote, on-site, or hybrid job, you should gain experience doing a real tech job through an internship. Go for the position you want and have prepared for.

Remember that you are doing all these things alongside your current job. You must save while planning your transition so that it is not difficult for you and that you do not have to struggle.

What happens next after learning new tech skills within 6 months to 1 year?

Leave your current job.

You want to leave your current job professionally and on good terms. Giving your manager at least two weeks’ notice and submitting a proper resignation letter justifying your termination will ensure that you part ways amicably. Also, make sure you finish any assignment that has been given to you.

Consider your life changes.

A career switch is a life-changing experience. A lot of things would be affected as you delve into your new career. Your routine will change as you make the switch. Your hobbies and activities might take a turn. even your dressing. Have you heard of the word “Tech Bros”? If you do, then you know what I mean.

Every little detail about your daily life before the switch will change along with it. It might feel like your whole life is falling apart, but you’ve got this!

Don’t panic!

It might be difficult, but you will achieve your goals and stabilize everything.

IT worker.

Use social media to position yourself for global opportunities. 

Social media is a place where you can showcase your skills and expertise in a particular industry. You can do this through written content and video content. You can create educational, informational, and entertaining content for a particular target audience. You need to do this and start building your brand as you are applying for new jobs and looking for more opportunities.

Be patient

Know that you will spend a lot of time learning about your new industry, connecting with other tech colleagues, and learning new things every day. It is a gradual process — be patient, and put in all the work you need to succeed.

Don’t feel like you will start earning seven figures immediately, and don’t feel depressed when it isn’t all the glamour you expected. Don’t let social media hype and pressure drive you into getting confused. Stay focused on what you want, and you will hit your target.

Cut off any expectations!

Taking everything into consideration, changing careers into technology is more about action than words. You have to understand that there’s no shortcut to anything. Explore without expectations, make a plan that can work, and stick to it.

Switching careers into tech might just be the best decision you can make because the tech sector is a sizable, versatile sector with a diversified workforce that provides excellent work-life flexibility, a good salary, and other good things that would put a smile on your face. There are several job opportunities in tech, some of which are very simple to understand and don’t even require any code or technical stuff.

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Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to switch into tech at the age of 30?

Yes. There’s no age limit on learning tech skills. You can be 18, 25, 30, or 40. No age is too old. As long as you’re dedicated and ready to learn, you can make the switch.

How do I get a tech job?

When you have a tech skill, you can use the internet to your advantage. You can use job listing sites like Upwork, Ideed, Dynamite, etc. Cold emailing and social media platforms are also options. You can also get tech jobs through referrals.

How do I know which tech career to choose?

Know your skill sets and look into the tech careers that match them. You can also take a clarity quiz insert link.

I hope this article was useful to you.

Keep reading Tech Skills Hack blog posts and discover the optimal path for your tech career.

Avoid confusion, gain clarity, and craft a rewarding path in your tech journey.



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Written By:

Geraldine Chiamaka

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